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Ellen's Producer Claudia Only Has Eyes for Pauly D

"Jersey Shore" star Pauly D was a guest DJ, and there's one person whose mood was definitely boosted... Ellen's producer Claudia.

Ellen Celebrates Executive Producer Kevin's 40th Birthday

Head Writer Kevin started on the show as a Production Assistant and now he's a Co-Executive Producer. Ellen celebrated the milestone by looking back at his ...

'Average Andy' with the Cast of Cirque du Soleil's LUZIA

Ellen's Executive Producer Andy learned aerial work, and made his debut as a cactus when he joined the cast of Cirque du Soleil's LUZIA.

Ellen Awards Employee of the Month to Her Producer

Ever wonder who's responsible for scaring celebrity guests? Ellen honored the man in the box with a very special Employee of the Month accolade.

Chrissy Teigen & Average Andy Go Through a Haunted House

It's Halloween season, which means it's time for Ellen to send her Executive Producer Andy through a haunted house, and this time around, she sent her friend ...

Ellen's Writers in Las Vegas!

They went to get her a birthday gift. Things didn't go according to plan. Enter to win all of Ellen's Birthday Show giveaways here!

Exclusive: Behind the Scenes at Ellen's Hilarious Rehearsal

Check out this digital exclusive of Ellen consulting with herself during rehearsal. Plus, her producers Andy Zenor and Andy Lassner having a little rambunctious ...

Ellen & Andy Visit the 'IT' Haunted House

Ellen usually sends Andy to a haunted house, but this time around, she joined in the fun for a tour of the "IT" haunted house on the Warner Bros. lot.

Average Andy, Chrissy Teigen and Her Mom Go Through a Haunted House

Since one time through a haunted house isn't enough, Ellen sent her Executive Producer Andy and Chrissy Teigen to another one, and this time they were ...

Pauly D Explains Why He Follows Only Ellen on Instagram

"Jersey Shore" star Pauly D filled in as DJ, and he was able to explain why he follows only one person on Instagram... Ellen.

Ellen's Frightened Writer

Recently, Ellen sent her writer, Amy, through a scary maze at Universal Studios Hollywood. It may be one of the funniest videos ever.

Ellen's Executive Producer Celebrates Super Bowl Win in the Street

It's been an exciting week for Philadelphia Eagles fans - especially for Ellen's Executive Producer Ed - who perhaps got a little too enthusiastic over their Super ...

Ellen's Producer Claudia Only Has Eyes for Pauly D

"Jersey Shore" star Pauly D was a guest DJ, and there's one person whose mood was definitely boosted Ellen's producer Claudia.

Andy and Ariana Grande's Haunted House Adventure

Andy and the music star had a spooktacular time during their visit to a creepy haunted house for Halloween!

Ellen's Backstage Clown Scares

Who doesn't love clowns? Everyone Ellen scared backstage!

Ellen Scares Andy with Annabelle

Ellen loves to scare her Executive Producer, Andy Lassner. This time, she had the help of a little friend.

Exclusive! Ellen's Staffer Tries Out the Coasters

Check out this rehearsal footage from the show. What a ride!

Visit to a haunted house (Ellen Show 2017)

Andy the producer of the Ellen show visits the haunted house and well it's something you have to see (super funny). Credits : The Ellen Show.

Andy and Amy's Haunted House

Ellen's writer Amy scares pretty easily, but she's nothing compared to Ellen's Executive Producer, Andy. That's why he was the perfect person to join Amy in this ...

Andy and Jacqueline Brave the Haunted House

"Brave" may be the wrong word, but Ellen's Executive Producer, Andy Lassner, and his assistant, Jacqueline, made their way through a haunted house.

Ellen’s Nuttiest Moments

Go nuts with Ellen's funniest show moments, including Kevin Hart's unusual artwork, Ellen in Adele's ear, and Kristen Bell's panda-themed game of “Heads Up!”

Andy Goes to a Haunted House with Eric Stonestreet

Ellen loves scaring her executive producer, Andy Lassner, and "Modern Family" star Eric Stonestreet. So, of course she couldn't wait to send them both through ...

Ellen Takes Andy's Phone Away

Ellen's Executive Producer Andy is constantly on his phone so Ellen decided to put his phone in a cell cell.

Ellen's Writer Fears Know or Go!

Amy, Ellen's writer, is easily frightened, so Ellen decided to have a little fun and put her on the Know or Go machine!

Andy Lassner getting Scared Compilation (The Ellen Show)

A funny compilation of Andy getting scared by Ellen or trying to scare her. I don't own anything. Just put the videos together.

Ellen Gets Into Her Staff's Facebook!

She's done it to her audience, but this time Ellen showed her staff's embarrassing Facebook photos on national television. Enjoy!

Andy and Jacqueline's Haunted House Visit

As one of her annual Halloween treats, Ellen sent her Executive Producer and his assistant through a brand new "Exorcist"-themed haunted house!